woensdag 9 januari 2013


dear diary, i been silent a bit but i been very busy, no real news other then that i gain power each day, so i think i will just write down a few things other people have said about me so i never forget them

 Blueray Darkes: An enigma as ever Drake, a paradox a puzzle that may not have a solution

Griffith Scarborough: Drake your mind is complex yet controlled, your words offten with intent and skill are said. An asset to those around you a threat to those against you , I have not forgotten you Drake, a snake within the grass, dangerous and swift if given the right chance. Simply basking within the light unmoving and at peace if left

Marky Moonwall: " he's the leader of the shadows in all but name hagar, he denies but the so called leader is just a figurehead with no real purpose or point... that is Drake today, magi tomorrow.. and dufus on the turning tide.. a marshmallow he is not, dont let his gentle tranquility leave you off guard brother.."

pilgrim Larnia gazes at drake "nice" coughs "nice?" your the most dangerous of them all drake you confuse us with your niceness to get close incubus

Pix Cazalet: Drake, you're a threat because you're not a threat - understand?
Drake Subagja: im a threatless threat, when did i gain that skill
 Pix Cazalet  speaks slowly "the people who are the most threat, are often those that people trust not to harm them intentionally. So those that are quiet but listen and know everything. The greatest threats are not those who charge and make the most noise, not the ones who fight instantly"

Shea spoonhammer: drake has a silver tongue, and is a manipulator, that is his way. Take caution. Though for the most part he is harmless.

Vitalia Fearne: Drake is a sensual, gentle.. soft type. He is clever, witty, and manipulative.. can be charming or destructive depending on your approach. He is somewhat detached, preferring an unbiased perspective most times but if he thinks something true, he sticks with it...

name withheld : drake is like a ocean , whenever you think you reached the bottom,you see a deeper part, but when you finaly reach the bottom,you never see the world again, not the same way

vrijdag 14 september 2012


The city is tormented by the four horsemen ...Three horsemen, one of them already proved weaker then legend made us believe . I only regret I am not able to take care of them myself, i hate when people try take my toys away and the city of toxia is my toy . Soon i will find a way to get more power, maybe enough to make a change and get rid of things like horsemen wandering into my backyard . I never will claim to protect the city or help people, what i do is keep my favorite amusement in a decent state . So i will find more power and make a stand against forces that wish my downfall

(Glowing gem)

And then.....i will enjoy some light snack afterwards  >:)


woensdag 5 september 2012


Hmm, another threat seeks its way in the city, we had quite a few including monsters, genetic experiments, mainlanders, cthulhu  , the toxian queen but now it seems the four horsemen are one by one released upon the city

I hate people or beings who think they can just rush in and take over, so i intend to get rid of them and their followers and gather people to do the same

( a gem lays on the page , touching it shows images )

[15:22] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned tensed up as she noticed Stitch...he was rather quite...most wanted and dangerous...
[15:23] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned whispered to Drake and the other "If you would forgive me" and an air of serious concern about her face she walked toward Stitch who was not Stitch anymore.
[15:24] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze mumbles War is my mission, carnage is my goal" . He looks up to find Camille standing in front of him . He quickly draws his gun and draws down on her . He speaks slowly and calmly "War or die?" he tilts his head
[15:25] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose nods calm" you are forgiven"looks aside as she walks away, smiling calm as he remarks to nix" try not to offend any i hold friend, you never know when i need to call on them"
[15:25] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose smiles" so , cammy has two infectees, seems vamps are easy targets"
[15:27] NixNix looks to the side, smile still played about his face "I did not try. If I did then I did...If not then that is fine. I was told by a vampire it was safe to feed at the kindred's base...Not knowing that was what it was at the time. I foolishly let my hunger take her word."
[15:28] Drake Blackrose: it happends to all of us, you would not believe where i all fed on people
[15:28] NixNix smirks "I can imagine, my brother."
[15:28] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned inhaled deeply and uttered to Stitch" I would like a great deal of time to think upon the matter, it sounds as if it is an important choice to make..."
[15:28] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze 's hand drips with blood from an unhealed wound. He grips the his gun and the wound bleeds more. He stares at camille with his gloewing red eyes. His finger begins to squeeze the trigger slightly. His expression is blank almost robotic "Which will you pick" his head straights "War or die?"
[15:30] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose looks over to camille and the other guy, raising his voice as he points to far behind stitch" look a orphanage that needs to be dealt with, quick, they flee" speaking to stitch
[15:33] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned responded to Stitch only this time loud enough for people to hear "Well, I would very much prefer to avoid death, and I dislike war terribly, sooo, I choose to...just keep my life" it was a non answer and Camille was only trying to understand how part of the spirit of war enclosed in Stitch body functionned.
[15:34] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze lowers his gun to point it at camille's chest. "Yo've wanted to kill me for a long time, but I wont let you. You conspiracy against me will end here and now." His eyes widen clearly displaying his red eyes as he speaks. "I will start with you and I will destroy the house of the Kindred... they are all against me"
[15:38] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned looked down at the gun against her chest and took in Stitch's hard words. The she understood how it all worked, how it used the soul it possessed to let it use whatever was repressed and kept away from the surface of consciousness "What did this to you is what is against you and against us all" she said as she frowned...how she hated when the shadow of the apocalypse came to the city...how she had hated it once and how she felt the threat of death so real now.
[15:40] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze he growls at camille "NO, you lie! Enough talking, you must die!" he squeezes the trigger and lets a round go off into her chest
[15:41] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose holds up a hand to try and stop the bullet in the air, possesed or not, family or not, drake hated the whole horsemen thing"
[15:45] SavvySavvy stood up and shook her head. "Disappointing." was all she said before moving toward the corner and focusing on Stitch and Camille
[15:45] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned felt her eyes widen as the bullet hit her chest, her gaze was in the inhabited eyes of Stitch and she smiled before she collapsed to the ground whispering to him "You...why letting them...do this..to you?"
[15:47] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned reached the ground heavilly....it was hard to tell for now but it was not impossible that the bullet reached her heart...her heart, her weakness, the weakness of vampires...their exposure to mortality.
[15:48] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose walks towards camille her body and looks at her on the floor, looking up towards stitch as a serene smile stuck on his face
[15:48] SavvySavvy continued to watch Stitch and Camille, her face completely blank, no emotion showing. She looked back over to the wolves and shook her head. "That one will die soon." she said, again loudly, but like it was to herself. "Not hunting for herself... no place in the city for ones like that..." Her eyes moved back to Stitch and Camille and she just watched.
[15:49] RosieRosie yawns loudly and covers her mouth as she looks around teh city, she stops to stand and watch a man shes met before across the street, her skin srapes against the ground and she taps her foot out of boredom.
[15:50] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze watches camille fall back to the ground. He slides his gun back into the holster as he takes a step closer to her. He reaches down and grabs her by the throat and lifts her up. "I gave yan option War or die... you did not choose wisely " his eyes glow brighter
[15:51] NixNix raises one hand to his chin in thought, rather intriqued and captivated by the whole scene. He would take a step forward, weight pressed against the top of his cane, rather eager to get a better look. Wide grin peels over his face, watching his brother approach the two "Oh, this will be interesting.."
[15:53] SavvySavvy crouched back down, her back against the pole, her eyes glowing still as she watched. "Join or die." she called over toward Stitch as if encouraging him, "Destroy before you are destroyed. The blood of the non-believers will fill the streets, these are but the first to fall..."
[15:53] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose looks to stitch" then go wage war, why waste time here"he slowly flexes his fingers as he looks at stitch and then looks to camille" hand her over, would you"
[15:54] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned felt but only faintly her body lifted up and held dangling up in the air as Stitch nad encircled her throat with her hand and as the blood oozed much...too much from the wound so near her heart that it might indeed have gone through it she smiled to Stitch and half conscious she managed to say before she lost consciousness completely "I chose wisely...an honorable death...you...have betrayed all your...codes."
[15:58] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze hears Savannahs voice and her words echo through out his mind. He stares into camille's eyes "Join us... " he whispers as he calms a bit "This one is strong" he slides his hand on his gun and slowly draws it out but keeps it at his side.
[16:00] SavvySavvy pushed her hair out of her face, then stood up, the wounds on her body much more visible in the light. "One of us... one of us..." she chanted softly moving forward a bit. Pointing to Drake she hisses softly. "Back off....You do not know war, not now. You will... soon..."
[16:00] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose brings up his hand and long tendrils flow out aimed for stitch his chest to pierce through and stick him to the wall behind him" i did ask polite i believe"
[16:04] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze drops camille to the ground and in a robotic move he turns his head to look at Drake. His eyes glow brighter, as he raises his gun and points it at Drake "War or Die" he pays no mind to the staff that has peirced his chest. The wound on his chest gushes bloodand stich becomes weaker but doesnt fall to the ground as he is being held up by the staff
[16:04] SavvySavvy drew her guns, aiming them both at Drake. "Nice? NICE? This is war you god damned imbecile. There is no... NICE. Back off. Now."
[16:05] RosieRosie moves her hand to thesmalll pocket om her even smaller skirt and digs out a lollipop, she starts to suck on it and pops it out of her mouth purring sweetly she says ' kill em fer disrespecting you" she purrs again softly and lets her tail wra p around her leg..What a naughty little demon she wanted to be. Plopping her candy back in between her full lips she closes her eyes and enjoys its tart flavor.
[16:06] NixNix turns his head and grumbles a bit. "Need any help, brother? They seem rather comitted..." Hissmile widens over pointed teeth that slowly gnash in delight.
[16:07] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose retracts the tendrils and flexes his fingers" it is a war indeed and what do you do, you spend time standing around, you do not prepare, you do not make tactics, you waste time, go make war then , find others like you instead of wasting time, " he would reach down with the tendrils again but they try to wrap around camille now and try to drag her to him"
[16:08] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose his eyes shimmer" the redhead may need to be distracted, it be dangerous though"
[16:09] SavvySavvy stepped forward guns still aimed at Drake. "No. You waste time, standing here, trying to take other's kills. You are weak, like the rest of them... fucking weak. Back off now whitey."
[16:09] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze stich feels his knees buckle and he drops to the ground. As he falls he empties his magazine into Drakes direction . Stitch hits the ground with a thud and like a robot he reaches into his back pocket for another magazine to reload
[16:09] Vash 'Vicious' GhostaltarVash 'Vicious' Ghostaltar smirks, and summons out some popcorn from the shop. Then leans against the lamp post, "Whole city is out here" then flicks a kernal into his mouth.
[16:11] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose lets go of camille and spreads the tendrils out to try and block atleast some of the bullets as a few hit his arm as he stood one hand out" weak? i would think it takes courage to stand up to insanity"
[16:11] The White RabbitThe White Rabbit pulled out a hand made dart gun and popped an object, very similar, yet crude looking to a blow dart. "How the hell did she get out." The albino hissed under her breath while keeping her eyes on Sav.
[16:11] NixNix eyes glimmer from under his hat. tongue darting with a slurp over his pointed teth. "Oh, I can be more than a distraction, brother..." His figure begins to meld and merge with the shadows around him, the darkness pooling along his flesh. He would step towards the redhead with that manic grin. Lips moving, he would utter a slow and quiet chant.
[16:14] SavvySavvy kept one gun aimed at Drake's head, her right arm swinging out and aiming at Nix. She drew the hammer back on both of her pistols and she stood there, her body still, her face lacking any sort of emotion. "Chaos and Carnage will rule. You insult your race by insisting otherwise. Are you demons or are you pansies?" Her voice raised slightly as her eyes glowed brighter, black flames crawling up her arms. "War is the only answer! You WILL join us or you WILL die!" The last words came out as a shout as her eyes darted between the two.
[16:14] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze slides the magazine into the well, he racks the slide back "War or Die " with little strength left as the last few drops of blood ooze from his body Stitch squeezes the trigger and empties his magazine. He continues to squeeze the trigger, and the gun just 'clicks' He drops backwards to the pavement and groans "War ....."
[16:16] Lia: "ooh. special effects."
[16:17] GenieRoze Magic: " What is he doing?"
[16:17] The White RabbitThe White Rabbit puts the tube like object to her mouth and blew out the dart. Filled with a combination of tranquilizers and mild muscle relaxers; it was aimed at Sav's neck.
[16:17] Vash 'Vicious' GhostaltarVash 'Vicious' Ghostaltar looks around and laughs. He eats some more popcorn. With a rather dark grin on his face, "Oh... this all over the four horseman again? War... hmmm thats what has been visiting lately. Wonder what is never on that list. I know death is in there somewhere. Always was my favorite horse man." pulls out his spellbook and flips through the pages, "All things begin in darkness, and so all end" shrugs. "Face it folks, we are doomed"
[16:18] Clobell LavendelClobell Lavendel steps in for a closer look
[16:18] GenieRoze Magic: " can not be much worse"
[16:18] LiaLia turns her head. "nah. they had an elder god show up and stomp around a few years ago. a few pony riders wont end things."
[16:19] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose sighs" if anyone ever repeats what i say now i haunt them till eternity" he looks up to sav and spoke to anyone" anyone not infected by this moron called war, stand up and do something, are you just giving in to some guy on a horse, take those out who make his army, stand and fight" he looks to savannah" i just refuse to let anyone else then me ruins this place"
[16:19] GenieRoze Magic: " That is not what I heard Lia"
[16:19] LiaLia raises a hand. "not effected. not sure what i'm supposed to do though. just got here."
[16:20] NixNix would move with abrupt and quick speed, his body shifting forwards with the bending and twisting of light. His fingers would attempt to curl around the gun pointed in his direction. "Foolish mortal. You rant and rave of death and destruction when you are not your own mind. Keep speaking of things you know nothing of. You know nothing of death."
[16:21] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic nudges Lia " This is some freaky shit huh?"
[16:22] SavvySavvy continued to stand there, her guns aimed, her fingers sliding from the hammers to triggers now. "Times up." she said clearly and went to pull the triggers, the first gun wouid go off, the bullet aimed for Drake's head the second one would go off but it's path was unsure as Nix touched the gun making her jerk back. "Death is but a gateway you foolish, useless lesser life form." she hissed then feeling something hit her neck she reached back to jerk the dart out of her neck but not before the mixture begin to seep into her system.
[16:22] LiaLia nods. "yeah. i think it qualifys for that title."
[16:23] Raiden NetizenRaiden Netizen ran up and tried to get Sav into a choke hold to help out Una with her dart. "That's enough Sav. You need to stop this."
[16:23] Vash 'Vicious' GhostaltarVash 'Vicious' Ghostaltar shrugs, "Well if they where hear once, and there coming again. I don't see the problem. I think I might help them this time" peers over his book at the crowd, "Plus the more people that get messed up, or afflicated. Just means more business for me" yawns and then flips a page in his book. "Poor toxia"
[16:24] Clobell Octavia JvliaClobell Octavia Jvlia watches the scene, speechless
[16:25] The White RabbitThe White Rabbit pushed the dart tube into her back pocket and went to tackle Sav from behind; stopping only due to the wolve's attempts. "Just back the hell away from her." She hissed and pulled out a bottle of chloroform and soaked a rag, aiming to push it over Sav's mouth. "I will keep her home and deal with her..."
[16:25] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose closes his eyes and screams as he gathers energy to him to such extent his hair grows by several feet, trying to block the bullet by energy wave solely as his screams echo's in the air , his cape ripped to shreds, his tendrils on the floor in pieces from drake his own wave of energy
[16:25] LiaLia shrugs. "makes no sense to me. they could be lighting thier farts over there and it would make as much sense."
[16:25] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic watches trying to analyze the whole thing
[16:26] LiaLia blinks, adjusting to the light. "zee goggles, zey do no-sink!"
[16:26] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic looks at Drakes hair and quirks an eyebrow
[16:26] LiaLia slaps her leg and giggles. "i didnt know whe had dragonball people!"
[16:28] NixNix didnt really care where the bullet went. The explosion rung in his ear for a moment as the thing zoomed amidst the shroud encircling him. He held the gun fast, keeping it uselessly locked. With a squeeze, he would simply empty the remaining clip into the open space. With a smirk, his eyes turn to his brother "You hear what she says, brother? She says it is a gateway. Would seem they know not how to turn the doorknob, however. What hypocrisy!" He grins ever wider if it were inhumanly possible as drake explodes with energy.
[16:29] Stitch JonzeStitch Jonze lays still but every so often he twitches, still holding his gun
[16:31] Vash 'Vicious' GhostaltarVash 'Vicious' Ghostaltar sings, "War, hoo! what is it good for?" then stops singing, "BUSINESS!" then scratches at his chin. Flipping a few pages in his spell books, "Seems there is a note about the hound looking for a key? Wonder if that is in relation to this door way? Needed a pure human soul he said. Wonder what he ment by that? If its another gateway, another portal like the boss made...." he just laughs, then flips through a few move pages
[16:32] SavvySavvy stared at Nix for a moment, her expression bordering boredom. "There are those that would greet death like a long lost friend. There are those of us, that are welcomed at Death's table after so many visits..." her words were choked off as Rai wrapped his arm around her neck, her immediate response was her hands begin to flail wildly, the other gun shooting off it's bullets in random directions. The flames shot up her arms and if Rai kept his hold on her, the flames would crawl over his arm, feeling like dry ice. She cursed loudly, but the words were garbled then cut off as Una pressed the cloth over her nose. Her eyes then rolled back and she went limp against Rai, the combination of Chloroform and tranq's knocking her out.
[16:33] RosieRosie claps as Vash sings amd moves closer to the scene sticking her big toe in the puddle of blood leaking out of stick, she starts to draw a picture with the blood covering her toe on a clean area of the road and listens to the talk around her....."Who wants war! We do!" she shouts and sticks her arms in teh air excitedly
[16:34] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose looks down to those on the floor, then looks to vash" already giving in to the invaders so easy, now that be weak, i refuse to let anyone decide for me what to believe or do, i expect anyone else to think the same or they may find indeed death ,faster then they want" drake his eyes shimmer" you are all toxians, then atleast stand up for that"slowly looks towards rosie and then looks to nix" silence her for me,could you"
[16:34] Clobell Octavia JvliaClobell Octavia Jvlia sighs and shakes her head, looking at the two, now three people knoecked out on the ground
[16:35] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic shrugs her shoulders " what is this a party?"
[16:35] Raiden NetizenRaiden Netizen slipped his arms around Sav's waist and starts to drag her to the Library. "Right you want her on a couch or something Una?"
[16:35] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned during this time Camile was dying and from where she found herself now she could not quite complain about that dreadful fact and the possibility of imminent ending.
[16:35] LiaLia shrugs lightly. "i dont know. i think i'll go be an npc over there. "
[16:36] LiaLia would normaly try to assist medicly, but isnt getting near the lightshow.
[16:37] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose leans down to pick up camille and try to lift her over his shoulder " what a man has to do to keep the right to ruin a city himself, " he sighs"
[16:38] Vash 'Vicious' GhostaltarVash 'Vicious' Ghostaltar points to drake, "Come now, Friend. You are well aware of my stand on such matter. In all this in this world, there are elements of chaos, there are elements of order. Niether of which will exist with out the other. We are now on the high tide of chaos. I plan on sailing my boat through the storms and the swells. TOXIA! Meh, you all know me well by now. Coven, that is a different story. I look out for my people. More so my people alone. And a few friends. What these invaders have in mind for the rest of you is no my consern. As you can see, None of my family is inflicted with this War. And at the moment, that is all that matters to me. When this tide lowers, It will be interesting as to who is washed away"
[16:38] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic looks at Drake " You wear that title well"
[16:38] The White RabbitThe White Rabbit breathed out and steps back. "No no, no couch. I'm stuffing her ass in a cage. She got out of the bindings I had her in." The albino mumbled and looked over at the others. 'This city is going to have to pull together. If ANYONE has any knowledge of these seals that are here or where they were broken, please see me." She mumbled and walked off with Netiz.
[16:38] NixNix hisses as his grip releases from the spent weapon. "You speak so fondly of death, woman...you should welcome your own. If not now, soon enough...and at our hands..not of these horsemen." He would turn to his brother now, eyes unblinking to what most would go blind to. "You simply wish your own hand in this city's destruction. What others think does not matter. Not to us."
[16:40] SavvySavvy was completely limp against Rai, her body was lighter than it should have been and was easily drug off. At Nix's threat, a soft whisper would be heard, 'By my hand only', before the redhead was drug backwards toward the library.
[16:40] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose lets go of the excess energy and smiles serene" each his own, right?"
[16:41] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic says " If you say so"
[16:41] camille Cannnedcamille Cannned could do very little at this point, in fact she simply could not do anything and as Drake picked her up to take her...somewhere else, she was most certainly sheltered deliciously by the no man's land of something similar to a coma though in her case it was a torpor, an interesting defense..but costly....as he would carry her the blood would start oozing out of her once more and with a revenge but this was good...this meant...life.
[16:41] NixNix smile straightens, becomes less manic. His own aura quiets as he nods "Perfectly acceptable in my book.."
[16:42] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic goes off to talk with Stray
[16:42] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose looks to everyone around him" this will happen again , with you or your friends, killing eachother, you choice to stand up or murder those you love" he would walk towards the kindred base as he mutters" that be my task to kill those you love"
[16:44] LiaLia laughs. "jokes on you, people dont like me. i'm safe!.. er.. or something."
[16:44] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose looks to nix and points to stitch" try to keep him there as a example of what shall happen to war his forces"

( the images stop when they are finished)

I dont think i made much a change, or that i got anyone on my hand .  But i felt great doing it .

Like i allow anyone to ruin my playground....

dinsdag 28 augustus 2012


Hmm, how sweet the touch of blood on my tendrils, how sweet it will be when one by one i find ways to take out rightious . This time i targetted a easy victim, those have to be done aswell, weak or strong, rightious they all be

( a gem lays on the page , touching it shows images )

[13:45] Drake Blackrose: hello miss sara" smiles tranquil as he flexes his fingers"
[13:46] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak looks up,,,,,,,,hello Drake,
[13:47] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose leans in" your a nice person, you dont mind passing a message, do you now?" his eyes gleam dark"
[13:48] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak looks both sides of the street, the to Drake,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you have a message' for me'
[13:49] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose smiles calm" oh, not for you, for your family" drake leans in and reaches for sara her cheek"
[13:52] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak tries to occult a small chill when Drake touch her cheek,,,,,,,,,,,is it for my family' i can take it to church if you want
[13:55] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose his hand was cold and chilly self ,he leans down to sara" tell your family......i said hi" drake his other hand sprouts a long tendril which tries to pierce sara her shoulder, as drake smiled a smile of full innocence"
[13:56] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak looks over the people around Heaven, turn her head to Drake
[14:02] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak is startled and screeches a bit as he takes her shoulder,,,,,,,,,,,,,Drake, be quiet , what do you want'
[14:02] Lady SydLady Syd hears the screech and turns her head, to peer out the window
[14:02] NixNix slowly turns to watch his brother curiously
[14:03] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak moves her body abruptly trying to disengage Drake's hand
[14:06] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose smiles all happy" just sending a message, one people understand" drake brings up his hand to try and stop sara" now, i could also have fun with you for hours but i prefer to keep it short" he opens his hand to try and stab the tendril through sara her stomache as he smiles " hi mizaki dear'
[14:07] Erza Lucians Erza Lucians  steps close to sara keeping an eye on Drake and his intensins, not saying anything but listening and frowing som at hi sayin.
[14:07] ツ мιzαツ мιzα walks up behind Drake and smirks to herself just standing there for now and oberseving, her arms going to cross over her chest though when she sees tenrdils coming out she rolls her eyes,"Oh really, how interesting.." she murmurs lifting her hand to form fire over it,"Drakey, leave My righteous Alone.." she states.
[14:08] Sara Xubersnak: Drake you harm me,,,,,,,,,,,tries to hit Drake,,,,,,,,let me alone
[14:09] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak looks the blood in her shoulder and she enrage more trying to hit Drake again then see Miza,,,,,,,,,,sis,,,,,,,,dammed, Drake is this your message'
[14:09] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose tries to wrap the tendril around sara and lift her up to throw her into mizaki" which part of everyone was unclear...mallow" his eyes flare"
[14:11] ツ мιzαツ мιzα would make the fire disappear from her hand and catch Sara stumblingg back a bit as she glares at Drake,"I don't freaking care about your message to be honest, just a bit sad you didn't disappear for long." she growls.
[14:11] Sara Xubersnak's small body is sifted and she falls inevitably to the floor
[14:12] Lady SydLady Syd's eyes shift to the corner where Drake is attempting to harm members of the Rights, and knowing why he does so, pretends to turn a blind eye and head toward the Coven.
[14:12] Erza Lucians Erza Lucians  growls and takesher gun out pintingwith it Drake "hey mr. Smart, stop heading on the weak..thant make you pathetic " runs to wrap sara in her one arm and pointing Drake with the other.
[14:13] NixNix slowly claps and shakes his head
[14:15] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak stands up quickly taking place in between her sister and spit towards Drake,,,,,,,,,to the shit
[14:15] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose walks to mizaki and lifts his hand to slap her across the face" that not long....was 10 years to me" he leans in" and i will collect a price just as painfull in return" he turns to erza" your words, not mine, i would never call my own family weak"
[14:17] ツ мιzαツ мιzα takes a side step and ducks as the hand came forward on impulse her wings getting slapped lightly, she rolls her eyes as she moves back and eyes Drake,"Wow, did you just try to *slap* me there?" she asks in an amused tone,"You deserved it." she muttered snickering to herself,"take care of Sara, Erza-chan.." she says softly keeping her eyes on Drake getting into a more alert stance.
[14:18] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose shakes his head " not today, mallow, i make it last, one each day" he smiles as he starts to turn around" two so far, i wonder how many days i have fun"
[14:20] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak steps back closer Erza trying to hold her arm
[14:20] NixNix leans against the wall and chuckles "Brother, I do not see why you simply do not send them into another plane in return? I would leave them trapped in another dimention for even longer." His fingers toyed with his cane, slowly giving it a bit of a twirl.
[14:21] ツ мιzαツ мιzα scoffs,"And jaco will have his fun too.." she trails looking left and right then eyeing Drake,"I'll just stop you everytime you try to hurt any of my family members." she mutters pointing towards Sara,"That can be healed in a matter of seconds by yours truly." she does a mocking bow,"so, how di dyou enjoy the isolation for 10 years? too but for us it was only...a weeek?" she shakes her head then snaps her gaze to the other person nearby who spoke and eyed him with a dumb expression and just shook her head before eyeing Drake again.
[14:22] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic nods
[14:24] Erza Lucians Erza Lucians  tryes to place saras arm arroud her own neck and gives her a seet smile saying to miz nicely "take care of this toy miza kun" turn her angry eyes on drake while hiding her gun "call me optimitic...sweety..pie.."say betwen her teeth looking voer sara andeyeing nix as her eyes glows.
[14:24] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose smiles calmly" oh brother, it would be boring to do so, i prefer to take matters in own hands" he looks to mizaki" you try to you mean, if you can be with all of them all the time" he leans in" oh, i dont care how fast you fix her , its personal fun" he ignores her last remark" see then tommorow when you stop me, oh poor me" he winks as he turns to walk off
[14:25] Sara XubersnakSara Xubersnak blood is slippery until her hand staining her skirt, tur her head to Erza,,,,,,,,sis, do you have a handkerchief'
[14:25] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic notices at least Drake looks better then the last time she seen him
[14:26] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic still has nightmares about that encounter as she shivers a little
[14:27] NixNix laughs and claps once more, his gaze brightly shining from under his hat with an expression of entertainment. "Ahh, true enough, brother...I suppose you are right. Why end the fun so quickly? I suppose you will savor the flavor.." He would chuckle quietly, before his visage slinks and sifts into the nearby shadows.
[14:27] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic mutters " I am staying out of this shit " as she turns away
[14:27] ツ мιzαツ мιzα shakes her head folding her wings as she watches Drake,"Oh trust me, I will stop you if I have to clone myself." she calls out as he walks off and turns to walk towards Sara and Erza going to try and look Sara over,"Go ahead towards the church both of you, I'll fix your wounds, doc." she says towards Sara then glares towards the tophat wearing demon as he disappeared,"Whatever...really." she mutters then looks back towards the two righteous,"To the church nao."
[14:28] Drake Blackrose: HAHAHAHAHAHaHaHAHAHAHahahahahaha
[14:28] GenieRoze MagicGenieRoze Magic sneeks out the back
[14:31] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose stretches as he walks into the pit" hmm, sweet melody of misery, how wonderfull" humming walking further into the darkness of the pit
( the images stop when they are all seen )

Two so far...so much more to do .


maandag 27 augustus 2012


Ah, to feel toxian dirt under my feet again, i am once more back to the toxic city of toxia . I wasted little time and passed by the church, found little toybot horatio

( a crystal lays on the page, when touched it shows images)

[12:36] Drake Blackrose: hello....toybot
[12:37] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody looks up from his book "uh....hello super sayian 3"
[12:39] Drake Blackrose: just drake will do....unliving one
[12:42] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody looked up and arched an brow "hmmm...hear who's talking..."
[12:44] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose flexes his fingers "there is a saying' time is awasting' i have grown fond of it" drake would stand before horatio and smiles calm, before he makes a fist to hit horatio his head as hard as he could with his strenght"
[12:48] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody was not even looking at him as he was reading the book he was holding in his hands and as the fist came he grabbed it with just his hand and eyed him as he put his book away... "you know...i haven't been sitting still...." he grinned and swinged his other fist backwards and grinned more broadly "i will fight evil....with evil....feel my despair...drake...." he waited for a moment as his other arm started to exert black electricity but it quickly turned into black fire and he grins "eat it..." he threw his fist towards his stomach seeing what would happen...
[12:52] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose just smiles as the black fire gets attracted by the crystal at his chest" ah, rimmon, ancient babylonian thunder god, used to be a archangel, , you use a weak copy of his power?" drake his fist which was grabbed by horatio he tried to open slow and close it around horatio his hand to try and break it while lifting his foot to kick horatio down" did you know how long i was where i was send?....10 years....i am not so happy, i had a lot of time to practice things"
[13:00] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody eyed Drake not speaking and then grinned as he blocked his foot with his own "you know...i have been out of town for two weeks....you are a bit too early to see my full power and no....i am not a weak copy of him..." he grinned broadly "the time i was away i found Rimmon...i took his whole body...and i will use his powers to deafeat you....but...the crystal ball he gave me....has not been fully awaken yet.... and besides 10 years is nothing....you might be stronger for now...but i never fought with my full force against you...." he grinned as his leg started to lit up with red elektricity turning into red scorching fire and he would kick his stomach if it would hit he would hit his head on the back with the black fire...
[13:06] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose reaches up to horatio his neck to try and lift him up off the floor" a cyber absorbing rimmon? you have gone delirious, good for you," drake just stood his ground, the fire hitting him forming to a ball that floats around drake" i seen feline's with more impressive skills" drake tried to close his hand around horatio his fist more
[13:12] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody grins "like i said i am the unlucky one right now come back in a few days and i will show you my true power i have obtained....then....then we will decide who is truly the strongest Drake...." he grins as he opened his own hand a bit and his leg starts to lit up with green electricity this time and he stomps the ground with it once as vines shoot up from everywhere around them from the ground and form one big bundle as he was holding drake his hand trying to make him not escape and the vines shoot at him like a large blade
[13:16] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose holds his other hand out and a enormous blade forms in it, drake looks at the vines and the two fire orbs set the blade aflame as he stabs it towards the vines" fire, earth, lightning, let me finish the line" dark clouds starts to gather above drake as tormenting rain comes down on him and horatio
[13:30] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody eyes Drake "a blade....that's all you can do....but oh well...it seems i have to put at least a bit of sweat in it...." he grinned as he looked up and the thunder starts to come out of the clouds and then he looks at Drake "it seems there is going to be some intresting...." he laughed evily as he grabbed an crystal orb from his pocket and looked at him "then....i will forcebilly do it... i will end it today...if you like it or not..." he laughs and crushes the orb as the electricty in in starts to go around him completely covering his body as he makes distance between the two of them and after a few seconds the electricty dissapeard and his appearance changed and he looked to himself and grinned "this...power...is very interesting...."
[13:38] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose stabs the blade into the floor and steps back self as horatio does the same, " you want to see interesting, why didnt you say so, where i been it was" he places his hand together and the orbs of fire starts to rotate around eachother in the air" you wanted time also? i got back only with help of people in the city" drake removes his hands from eachother and the orbs start to turn in a circle, forming a portal to where drake had been stuck 10 years" tell them hi for me" the portal opens around horatio as drake snaps his fingers" ala nex"
[13:55] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody arched an brow at the happenings infront of him and then grins "i"ve seen this before it's nothing special..." he grins as the blade coming from his arm starts to lit up bright whtie sending it to his fist and then smashes the portal as it flies around in tiny little pieces and then dissapear and then sighs "Drake....many tried to do this....only 1 succeeded a very long time ago....you are not the first powerful one i encounter...but you do....have something special..." he grinned and then went head on at him as he slashed the bright white blade at his head while yelling "taste the power of a sacred demon you bitch!"
[14:02] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose sees the portal get smashed" hmm, not many could do that, my congratz there" he holds his hand up and stops the blade" oh, were you supposed to do something final? " he smiles calm as he looks up to horatio" sacred? i drink holy water for fun, you should ask people in the future" drake his chest crystal starts to glow as it absorbs energy , " the coven made this for me, it cancels out any power or magic, it does stop me from using it also" drake walks up to simply elbow horatio on the jaw" i give the transformation a 7 and a half, for the effort"
[14:06] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody blinks as he stops the blade and the elbow hits his jaw and he just looks to the other side as he rubs his cheek "oh well....it seems...that we will do it the old fashioned way then?" he grins "you know what diamond does?" he grins more broadly as he would kick him in his gut and tries to slash his shoulder open with the blade on his arm
[14:11] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose sprouts his wing blades and he brings both hands to before him to try and catch horatio his kick and throw him back" last it checked, it sparkles and looks good on the hands of girls" the crystaline blades formed like wings catch the slash and drake spreads them out as he turns half, trying to take horatio his arm off,
[14:21] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody makes a backflip as he gets trown back not even close to slashing open his shoulders and he tilts his head "hmm....shiny...where you get those from? my chrystalled diamond mine?" he sighs and opens his own wings and the area around gets dark and cold "then....shall we go at it? Drake...let's see what the powers of an arcdemon really can do..." he grins as his armor turns to diamond and then goes at him again "come you sissy that all you got?" he tries to punch his face as he goes at him...
[14:28] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose retracts the wing blades" aww, name calling now? how childish" drake closes his eyes and breaths in as his jaw grows and his body change , drake opens his mouth as he went to the form mizaki feared once, he tries to bite horatio his fist and seems to smile as flame so hot it is a splendid blue flows from his mouth outwards
[14:40] Horatio MelodyHoratio Melody blinks as he goes at his face and he randomly turns into a fucking dragon as he gets his hand into his mouth and he starts to breathe fire and retracts his fist as it gets burned and then blows at his hand "hmm...interesting..." he sighs "oh well... listen to me i will come back...and even stronger...i can feel i am not ready yet...so wait....for i will come back...." he grins and then goes up in black flames and dissapears into nothing
[14:40] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose looks at horatio" ThAt Is OnE wAy To SaY iT" seems to grin with lipless mouth and stretches his body"
[14:43] Drake BlackroseDrake Blackrose looks at his hand and thinks he should use the form more, if not for the sheer ammount of energy he needs to even just access it, he sees horatio fade" OnE dAy I sHaLl EnD hIm"
( the images stop)

one fled....so much more to prey on ......the time will be fun

dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Message from beyond

it is not the first time i am far from home, it is though the first time i do not know where i am right now.  i battled my brother and to my surprise i sort of lost, blown out of toxia into a portal with unknown destination . here i am now, no idea where here is but i will get back to toxia. my emotions shall drive me to do this.....i shall return

( a small crystal lays on the page, touching it creates a image)

let them start to wonder, when i be back